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01.11.2008 - Copenhagen

New MM 60 gives Nokia users the sound their music deserves

Copenhagen, November 2008 - The new MM 60 Nokia headset from Sennheiser

Communications feature great listening and wearing comfort – without

compromising on the quality of communications that Sennheiser Communications

headsets are known for. Designed for Nokia mobile phones, users can now make

calls and listen to music on the go with great sound quality.

The new MM 60 Nokia headset is perfect for people who use their mobile phones

as entertainment centers – and value the quality of the sound they hear when they

listen to music and make phone calls.

Says Guido Karbautzki from Sennheiser Communications,”We’ve noticed more and

more music lovers using their mobile phones to listen to music on the go. Our new

headset is built specifically for Nokia music mobiles with the 3.5mm plug, and we’ve

really packed it with quality to boost the listening experience. It’s an essential piece of

communication equipment for anyone who’s serious about music.”

With outstanding sound reproduction, the MM 60 headset does justice to great music.

Simple and convenient to use, it combines Sennheiser Communications’ pro music

experience and headset expertise to deliver music and calls at premium quality.

Featuring an award-winning

foldable design, the MM 60 is

as easy to carry around as

your Nokia phone – making it

ideal for travel. And even

though it folds flat to a

fraction of its size, its

lightweight headband and

split padding guarantee a

comfortable fit.

It’s also a breeze to use. The integrated inline microphone and one-touch call button

make switching between calls and music simple. Compatible with all Nokia phones that

use a 3.5mm stereo plug, the MM 60 headset is backed up by a full two-year warranty.

Launched in November, the MM 60 Nokia headset will be available online and in retail



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About Sennheiser Communications

Sennheiser Communications is the result of a joint venture between the electro acoustics

specialist Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG, and the hearing healthcare specialist

William Demant Holding Group. Decades of experience in pro music and hearing healthcare

have helped the five-year-old company produce award-winning, innovative headsets.