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01.10.2008 - Copenhagen

BW 900 Mobile Business Solution: more mobile, more business, one solution

Copenhagen, October 2008 - The truly mobile office is here. The BW 900 Mobile Business Solution from Sennheiser Communications sets new standards in listening ease and comfort, giving mobile professionals the ability to communicate anywhere.


Outstanding sound quality and wearing comfort make the BW 900 Mobile Business Solution the headset of choice for professionals on the go. Now the BW 900 comes bundled with a full travel pack, including a protective case and two quick-swap batteries. These can easily be recharged from a computer or a car using a USB adaptor (included), so mobile professionals can talk on the road all day with sound quality that is a match for face-to-face communication.

Guido Karbautzki, Head of Sales & Marketing at Sennheiser Communications explains: “For years, people have talked about mobile offices. The dream has been to work anywhere: in airport lounges, cafes or driving a car. But the sound quality of mobile phones and headsets has always stood in the way – until now. The BW 900 Mobile Business Solution is unique to the market. No other solution offers the same quality of mobile communication – so you can now hold calls and phone conferences anywhere, even in cafes with coffee machines going full blast in the background.”

The best way to communicate on the go

Mounted on a long boom arm, the BW 900 Mobile Business Solution’s noise-canceling microphone picks up the human voice and cuts out any unwanted background noise. ActiveGard™ technology is proven to protect the user from sudden surges in sound, while Adaptive Intelligence™ automatically adjusts volume and sound settings as the background noise changes, so both sides of the conversation can always be heard and understood. Users can hear every word without any effort, guaranteeing comfortable conversations all day long.

“As far as I’m concerned, the BW 900 is the best way to communicate,” says Guido. “When I use it driving on the highway, people on the other end of the phone think I’m already in the office. This gives me an extra hour a day to do business.”

Simple connectivity and unlimited power

The BW 900 Mobile Business Solution can connect to almost any Bluetooth®-enabled device, so professionals can use it with mobile phones and laptops to create the complete mobile office. And with multiple recharging options and easy-to-swap batteries, the headset need never run out of power. Even when the battery runs low during a call, users can place their caller on hold, change the battery and return to their conversation in seconds.

The BW 900 Mobile Business Solution comes with:

  • Travel charger (foldable USB unit)
  • Protective carry case
  • Car charger unit
  • USB extension cable
  • 1 or 2 batteries


The BW 900 Mobile Business Solution is due for general release in October. Move your sound to business class.


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About Sennheiser Communications

Sennheiser Communications is the result of a joint venture between the electro acoustics specialist Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG, and the hearing healthcare specialist William Demant Holding Group. Decades of experience in pro music and hearing healthcare have helped the five-year-old company produce award-winning, innovative headsets.