Sennheiser Communications

Press release


14.12.2005 - Copenhagen


Sennheiser Communications A/S, a leading provider of telecommunications products for contact centers, office applications and private users, announced today that their multimedia headsets have been certified by global internet communications company, Skype Technologies S.A.

Sennheiser multimedia headsets offer the high speech clarity and flexibility needed for Skype internet calls. Skype has certified a whole range of Sennheiser products, including the PC20, PC30, PC110, PC120, PC130, PC135, PC140, PC145, PC150, PC 155, PC160, PC165 and M145.

"Together with Skype, we are changing the way people communicate," said Andreas Bach, General Manager Sales and Marketing at Sennheiser Communications. "The combination of our quality headsets and Skype technology is a perfect match. Skype is helping to form the future of internet communications, and as such, is an ideal partner for Sennheiser Communications."

Sennheiser Communications currently offers a range of headsets designed for computer use, ideal for making web calls - with crystal clear sound quality and acoustics. Sennheiser products have received prestigious awards from both print and internet media. In between calls, the stereo headset models are perfect for gaming, listening to music and surfing the internet. The lighter, compact models are designed for comfortable communication on-the-go.

"Our partnership with Sennheiser helps make Skype internet calling clear and effortless," said James Bilefield, Vice President of Business Development for Skype. "Skype will continue to partner with technology leaders like Sennheiser to bring the best possible Internet communication experience to its consumers."

Skype certification means that Sennheiser is now offering headsets recommended by Skype for Skype users. The Skype Certified Sennheiser series will soon be available for purchase from the Skype Web store at

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