Sennheiser Communications

Press release


01.11.2005 - Copenhagen

PC Entry VoIP

Two brand-new headsets by Sennheiser Communications make it particularly easy to embark on Internet telephony. This September the two models PC 20 and PC 30 will be presented for the first time at the IFA 2005 in Berlin.

Low-cost gossip with relatives in New Zealand is possible thanks to VoIP Internet technology. Various online services like Skype or iPhone are even offering worldwide telecommunication via the Internet free of charge. But even the fastest broadband access is no use if microphone and speakers result in poor voice quality. Sennheiser Communications is offering newcomers two new quality headsets for their calls via the World Wide Web. The PC 20 and PC 30 are the audio specialist?s response to the growing popularity of Internet telephony.

The latest headband models are identical apart from one aspect: whereas the PC 30 delivers the call to both ears (Binaural/Stereo), the PC 20 is a one-sided headset (monaural). Both models give the user a choice of whether to place the microphone on the left or the right. The new headsets also display flexibility with regard to comfort in use: headband and microphone are easily adjusted to suit individual head measurements. So those who spend a long time on the phone profit from the snug fit of the headset. Their light weight and ergonomic ear cushions mean these headsets are convenient tools that are hardly noticed in use.

The convincing sound quality permits no-problems communication without misunderstandings. What?s more, the "noise-cancelling" microphone, which very effectively filters out unwanted ambient noise, is ideal for voice recognition applications. Enjoying simple multimedia files is no problem with the PC 30 either.

With its two earphones the headset offers the sound of MP3 files, CDs or DVDs in stereo quality. Just plug in and start phoning: the two 3.5-mm jacks of the headsets fit all widely used sound cards. And even if the ports are hidden at the back of your PC, the three-metre cable leaves you optimum freedom of movement at your desk. The PC 20 and PC 30 models are outstanding not only for their superior look and their comfort in use, but also for their robust design.

The two models are available from dealers from October 2005 onward.