Sennheiser Communications

Press release


10.03.2005 - Copenhagen

PC 160 and 165 USB

At this year's CeBIT the standard for multimedia and gaming headsets will be higher: the new PC 165 USB and PC 160 are Sennheiser Communications' response to the development findings that have resulted from cooperation with the world?s best gamers.

With their headsets for professionals and gamers, Sennheiser Communications have lost no time in establishing themselves on the scene with the highest of standards and are now regarded as the leading company in this segment. The newly launched PC 165 USB and PC 160 are the ultimate in headsets for online games and LAN events. They round off the range as top-of-line products.

The new headsets were developed in close cooperation with the best and most successful professional gaming teams worldwide. Their detailed input forms the basis for these outstanding headsets, which were developed to cater to their specific needs. Their philosophy is "Before you see, you hear", which means that if you don't listen and hear properly during a game, you soon disappear from the scene. The answer provided by Sennheiser Communications is two headsets with XXL ear caps and an open speaker system offering top-quality sound.

Thanks to the USB interface and the integrated sound-card chip in the cable, the PC 165 USB does not require a sound card in the PC. This makes the headset ideal for use at LAN events and at home as it ensures Gamers superb sound quality everywhere they play. The system is of modular design, which means the headset can also be connected using a conventional 3.5 mm jack if desired. Apart from the USB interface and the integrated sound card, the PC 160 is identical to the PC 165 USB.

"These headsets will be at the top of every gamer's wish list," says Andreas Bach, Managing Director Sales & Marketing of Sennheiser Communications. And he adds: "They are specially designed for gaming, with superior sound quality, great comfort in use and robust workmanship to ensure that they survive hard-fought battles. The development team at Sennheiser Communications know the demands that gamers make on their hardware during a "Counter Strike" or "War Craft Battlefield" match.

The benefits at a glance: the PC 165 USB and PC 160 offer highly realistic sound for sophisticated game presentations. They have extra-large ear caps and open speakers, complete with newly designed ear cushions, improved and more durable microphone housing, a stronger cable and a leather headband.