Sennheiser Communications

Press release


01.11.2005 - Copenhagen

Mobile Multimedia

Right on time for the IFA 2005 in Berlin: Sennheiser Communication is presenting three new telecommunications headsets for the big trend in the mobile telephones segment: A phone today is not longer simply a phone ? it is MP3 player, radio and much more. For the first time Sennheiser Communications is offering perfect stereo music enjoyment in combination with a microphone. The three models MM 10, MM 30 and MM 50, as conventional and professional in-ear solutions or a neckband model, do justice to the high sound standards demanded by styling-conscious music consumers.

The days are long gone when the classic phone function was the focal point of a mobile phone. Over the years, mobile accessibility has been joined by more and more new features. The trend to camera phones is now being followed by phones with mp3 players, radio functionality and so on.

But what good is the best MP3 player in a mobile phone, if the sound reproduction quality is neglected? Anyone who appreciates music will benefit from the high sound quality of the new Sennheiser products ? unleashing the full potential of the mobile devices. And it goes without saying that snappy switching to the next incoming call must also be guaranteed. To satisfy both requirements, Sennheiser Communications is for the first time transferring the familiar stereo sound quality to the telecommunications business. But the new headset models are a far cry from the classic office headset. The three models MM 10, MM 30 and MM 50 meet the demands of young mobile music consumers in design and styling.

As an in-ear solution with a microphone skilfully packaged in the cable, and asymmetrical cable lengths for ideal comfort in use, the MM 10 and MM 50 fit ideally into the restrained lifestyle of the multi media generation. Especially the top model MM 50 with snug-fitting Perfect Fit attachment is comfortable and safe in use.

The message for all headsets is: priority for perfect stereo sound. For this reason there is a special cable-linked plug for Sony-Ericsson ? for both the existing and the future port versions - and a four-pole 2.5-millimetre jack for Motorola and other manufacturers of stereo devices.

Even keen music fans want their calls to reach them easily. Whether they want to swap notes about the latest music news they?ve heard or hear important personal messages. The new headsets therefore permit rapid switching to incoming calls by a quick press of the Push-to-Talk button integrated in the cable.

The Sennheiser headsets MM 10, MM 30 and MM 50 will be available from dealers from October onwards.