Sennheiser Communications

Press release


10.03.2005 - Copenhagen

MAC headset

The new M 145 headset from Sennheiser Communications is now available in an exclusive version for Mac users. Its sophisticated design, superb sound and excellent workmanship make the USB headset the ideal partner for all communication-based applications on the Mac.

Thanks to a close cooperation agreement, Mac owners can now enjoy the benefits of a high-quality headset from Sennheiser Communications. In the M 145, the premium player on the headset market is launching a genuine professional headset that is tailored to the special requirements of the Mac OS X operating system. This is good news for the Mac community, because Internet telephony (VoIP) and voice-based applications are growing more popular all the time. And the new M 145 headset is the ideal hardware for the purpose.

For example, the noise-cancelling microphone of the M 145 screens out annoying ambient sound and ensures faithful voice reproduction. Voice-based applications on the Mac, such as the music software GarageBand or iChat AV, profit from the highgrade microphone system. But there?s a bonus for music fans too: the three dimensional sound typical of Sennheiser Communications also brings gains for sound files from iTunes, CD or DVD.

Another convincing feature is the USB adapter, which makes child?s play of connecting up to Mac. The integrated soundcard chip in the cable makes the M 145 independent of special computer hardware.

Sennheiser Communications stands not only for top-quality sound and reliable workmanship, but also for unmistakable contemporary design. Connoisseurs will be impressed by the exquisite matt finish in silver and bronze. The neckband system makes the M 145 a real eye-catcher.

As of now, the M 145 is available on the internet from any European Apple Store.