Sennheiser Communications

Press release


01.07.2005 - Copenhagen

Les Seules

Les Seules, the 100% woman, 100% champion gaming clan, will be starring in Play US - a 12 week reality series which shows the team in an ultimate gaming tour across the United States. This unique production brings the world of professional e-sports to the television screen.

Les Seules will be visiting a different major city each week in a 3 month gaming tour and promotional dates. The team has been proudly sponsored by Sennheiser Communications since December 2004 and will of course be using the latest PC 165 USB headsets throughout the tour. Developed in cooperation with leading gamers, these headsets were designed with XXL ear caps for maximum comfort, an open speaker system for true-to-life acoustics and come complete with a USB adapter for ideal sound wherever the girls are on their tour.

While their main job will be to take on both male and female components in Counter Strike matches, many viewers will be just as interested in what goes on behind the scenes! We can expect to see fierce rivalries, double-crossing players and competing egos as everyone battles it out to be the best. Play US promises to be the game that tests the girls? nerves and friendships to the max, as personal ambitions conflict with team goals. So join Queen, Aurora, MissHyper, Zelena and Sophie together with their manager and coach as they get ready to take gaming to a totally new level.