Sennheiser Communications

Press release


15.07.2005 - Copenhagen

Clans Success

Sennheiser Communications is delighted to announce a series of superb gaming achievements by many sponsored clans and team members. Team SK-Gaming Sweden - featuring SpawN, ahl, fisker, vilden, Snajdan - celebrated yet another fantastic victory, taking home 1st place in the CPL CounterStrike tournament held recently in Dallas, Texas. Holding their own, SK Denmark ? featuring Drally, eGene, spx, zonic, whiMp - achieved a fabulous 2nd place at the recent ESWC in Paris.

In other results, SK?s Deadman took 2nd place in the EWSC Warcraft 3 tournament, while Elakeduck snatched 3rd place at the CPLs battle. Also at the CPL but this time the Quake 3 combat, SK Sweden?s fox grabbed 3rd place, while in the Painkiller clash, German SK member SteLam reached a very respectable 4th position.

Sennheiser Communications has proudly sponsored various gaming teams since its launch in 2003. It is the close cooperation with leading community members that helps develop products ideally suited to the tough requirements of this market. These gamers continually accredit a vast improvement in their gaming achievements to the superior quality and performance of Sennheiser Communications PC headsets.