Sennheiser Communications

Press release


10.03.2005 - Copenhagen

BW 900

Sennheiser Communications has come up with the professional solution for every office-based user who needs an intelligent, top-quality headset. The new Bluetooth office headset BW 900 features unique Adaptive Intelligence technology, which provides outstanding sound quality. The BW 900 automatically adjusts to compensate for ambient noise and remembers the user's preferred settings. During conversations, these settings are adjusted automatically to compensate for fluctuations in ambient noise levels. Sennheiser Communications will launch the new headset at the CeBIT 2005.

The BW 900 is a multifunctional companion capable of adapting independently and automatically to changes in the sound environment, thus maintaining the perfect level of speech quality. Thanks to the Adaptive Intelligence technology developed by Sennheiser Communications, the headset reacts automatically to changes in the level of ambient noise and adjusts the headset volume accordingly. In addition, the BW 900 is capable of learning from the user?s preferred settings. It remembers those settings and applies them from then on.

Adaptive Intelligence also ensures that the other party in the conversation with the headset user can enjoy optimum speech clarity.

No cables ? freedom: more room to move, with a range of 100 m
During a conversation, the user is free to move over to the printer, relocate to a conference room or access information on the Internet. The BW 900 allows the mobile user to do several things simultaneously while moving around freely. The BW 900 will maintain outstanding sound quality for a range of up to 100 metres from the transmitter. "Bluetooth technology has become a determinant in the product strategy of Sennheiser Communications," according to Andreas Bach, Managing Director of Sennheiser Communications. "Greater freedom, more flexibility and optimum quality ? these are the requirements we live up to with the BW 900."

A headset for everyone ? thanks to optimum connectivity
The Bluetooth interface allows the BW 900 to be connected to several devices simultaneously. Whether mobile phones or other types of telephones, such as smartphones and softphones: the BW 900 from Sennheiser Communications is compatible with all types of speech-based Bluetooth devices. The user will never miss a single call. No more juggling several handsets at once: instead, the userfriendly pushbutton interface lets the user switch seamlessly between landline phones and any other connected, Bluetooth-enabled telephones.

Talk non-stop and look good at the same time ? with the BW 900
Should the battery run down in the middle of a conversation, it can be replaced with a fully charged battery without interrupting the call. This is because the BW 900 will maintain the connection. Yet another plus for the headset is its discreet design. It sits behind the ear and is fashioned in such a way that the wearer will barely notice it, making it comfortable enough to wear all day. It can be ergonomically adjusted for a perfect fit on any ear. The blue-and-charcoal design of the BW 900 is unobtrusive, and the small microphone boom restricts neither the user's freedom of movement nor his or her field of vision.

With its unique Adaptive Intelligence technology, Sennheiser Communications is setting a new benchmark, as well as coming up with the perfect answer to the increasingly sophisticated requirements of professional headset users.